Bladder Cancer – Mr Kumaraswamy Treatment in MGM Healthcare

Bladder Cancer – Mr Kumaraswamy

Tue, 5 Oncology

Mr Kumaraswamy was diagnosed with bladder cancer and has been struggling to beat it. His battle against cancer has cost him one of his kidneys and urinary bladder. He had lost hope, when he was referred to Dr Sivaram Ganesamoni, Senior Consultant, Department of Surgical Oncology at MGM Healthcare. Mr Kumaraswamy says that after meeting the doctor he was hopeful and confident that he can fight back stronger.

Dr Sivaram Ganesamoni shares that bringing a smile on someone’s face is the most rewarding experience, and after seeing Mr Kumaraswamy get better, he is the most happiest person. He shares that, as a surgical oncologist, he always strives to help the patients fight cancer rather than seeing it as a death sentence. At MGM Healthcare are equipped with the best infrastructure and technology for cancer care and experienced doctors to help the patients. We aspire to keep doing more, better.

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