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Cardiac Emergency – Dr Kailash A Jain

Wed, 21 Cardiac Sciences

A cardiac condition is usually manifested as an emergency. Dr Kailash Jain, Senior Consultant and Clinical Lead of the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, says that a person with a cardiac issue can develop a sudden onset of chest pain or breathing difficulty which may or may not be associated with sweating or palpitation. He shares that a simple ECG can easily identify is there a problem.

Listen to Dr Jain talk about cardiac emergencies and various symptoms and tests that can help in identifying cardiac conditions. It is recommended that whenever a person is experiencing these symptoms, they should consult a cardiologist and get an ECG and a few other tests done.

MGM Healthcare is dedicated to providing the best care to all its patients. We have experienced and dedicated doctors who specialise in cardiac surgery to help provide you with a solution. We aspire to keep doing more, better.

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