Cardiac Myopathy - Mr Rishikesh Treatment in MGM Healthcare

Cardiac Myopathy – Mr Rishikesh

Thu, 23 Heart & Lung Transplant

Mr Rishikesh, suffering from cardiac myopathy & ascites came to MGM Healthcare, Chennai to seek medical assistance. At that time, the patient was in severe condition, with only 15-20% of heart functioning & over 120 kgs of body weight. Under the supervision of our experts- Dr K R Balakrishnan, Chairman- Cardiac Sciences, Heart & Lung Transplant Mechanical Circulatory, Dr Suresh Rao KG, Co-Director, Heart & Lung Transplant Mechanical Circulatory, Dr Ravi Kumar R, Senior Consultant & Associate Clinical Lead, Heart & Lung Transplant Mechanical Circulatory, he was advised for heart transplant.

He had to undergo a weight loss journey before proceeding for the transplant. According to him, the medical team at MGM Healthcare, Chennai, his positiveness, meditation & the rehabilitation team run by Dr Rajendran AJ, Senior Consultant and Clinical Lead Rehabilitation Medicine, has played a key role in his recovery.

Indeed, a positive attitude, will power and determination for a healthy life are the key factors for a patient to recover.

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