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Dr Ram Chidambaram: Rotator cuff tear

Mon, 13 Orthopaedics

Rotator cuff tear is a common condition often seen in middle-aged people, following wear and tear, precipitated often by trauma. The affected individual often experiences pain, dysfunction, night pains, stiffness and the inability to perform day-to-day activities with ease.

Dr Ram Chidambaram Director of the Institute of Shoulder, Elbow, Hand and Sports injuries, talks about 59-year-old Dinesh Gupta, a business owner from Kutch, Gujarat. He had been suffering from left shoulder pain and stiffness for the past six months. He was admitted to MGM Healthcare with increasing pain for the past two weeks, with difficulty in performing daily activities. He had tried pain killers and physiotherapy modalities, but had no sustained benefit.

After assessing the condition of Mr. Gupta and performing MRI scans, Dr. Ram Chidambaram and team diagnosed him to have a partial high-grade rotator cuff tear with slap tear and adhesive capsulitis, not allowing him to swing his arm. A shoulder arthroscopy procedure was performed, which is a keyhole surgery, and this was followed by the repair of the torn rotator cuff. After the procedure, Mr. Gupta experienced a dramatic relief of pain and started mobilising his shoulder comfortably on day two post-surgery!

At MGM, with best-in-class infrastructure and technology, dedicated and experienced doctors, we are able to provide the finest care and treatment options for all our patients.

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