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Dr Ram Chidambaram – Total Elbow Replacement

Sun, 12 Orthopaedics

Dr Ram Chidambaram, Director – Shoulder, Elbow, Hand and Sports injury at MGM Healthcare, talks about total elbow replacement.

Elbow replacement surgery is a complicated procedure, in part because the elbow has several moving parts that must be precisely balanced in order to control the movements of your forearm. Total elbow replacement is similar to knee replacement surgery but more complex, hence it is a procedure performed only by upper limb specialists. The worn out joint surfaces are removed and replaced with metallic prosthetic components.

As a specialist elbow surgeon with over two decades of experience and training in the UK and Mayo Clinic, USA, Dr Ram Chidambaram assures that it is a routine procedure and instills patient satisfaction. At MGM Healthcare, we have the best experienced doctors to care for your injuries and you can return to living your life pain free.

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