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Here is the #HealthcaringStory of Mr Nityananda Shome from West Bengal.
Mr. Nityananda Shome was suffering from pain, swelling and unusual changes inside the mouth for over a long time. Prof. Dr. Sanjeev Mohanty performed a thorough clinical examination and tests on Mr. Nityananda and diagnosed him with mouth cancer. Prof. Dr. Mohanty, Senior Consultant and Head, Institute of ENT, Head & Neck Surgery MGM Healthcare, operated on Mr Nityananda successfully and was able to remove the affected parts of the jaw bone, gums and teeth followed by jaw reconstruction in the same sitting.
Today, Mr. Nityananda Shome is healthy and is even able to speak, eat and breathe properly. His son, Mr. Biswajit Shome, talks about his father’s suffering and expresses his gratitude and thanks to Prof. Dr. Mohanty and the other team members including the Maxillofacial department headed by Dr. Abhilash and ENT team at MGM Healthcare for their service.

Healthcaring Stories

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