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Kidney & Pancreas Transplant – Transformative Journey

Tue, 30 Multi-Visceral and Abdominal Organ Transplant

Witness the transformative journey of a resident of Haryana, who bravely battled juvenile diabetes for two decades. Over time, he encountered distressing complications such as blood in his eyes and swelling in his feet. Eventually, he was advised to undergo a kidney and pancreas transplant. Seeking a solution, he turned to the expertise of Dr. Anil Vaidya, the Director and Senior Consultant, Department of Multi-visceral and Abdominal Organ Transplant, along with Dr. Dinesh Babu, Senior Consultant, Department of Multi-visceral and Abdominal Organ Transplant, and Dr. Vikram Sagar, Senior Consultant Nephrologist & Kidney Transplant Physician at MGM Healthcare, Chennai.

Around the clock, our dedicated medical team provided unwavering care, going above and beyond, even during the challenging hours of the night. Witnessing remarkable progress, the patient’s guardian was astounded by the expertise and compassion displayed by our doctors.

Now, fueled by the exceptional care he received, he is eager to share his heartfelt experience and express gratitude for the outstanding services rendered by MGM Healthcare, Chennai. Join us in celebrating his triumph over diabetes, conquering complications, and recognizing the extraordinary dedication of our healthcare heroes.

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