Kirti Bohidar's Healthcare Story - Patient Experience

Kirti Bohidar

Sun, 17 Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Let me first begin thanking MGM hospital for having such great Doctors, nurses and staff members and last but not the least world class infrastructure. The journey started when I visited Dr. Lakshmi Ashwathaman (Gynaecologist) for my pregnancy. Gem of person she is. Such down to earth ,words fall short to describe her. Me and my family will be forever grateful to her for all that she has done during my pregnancy. I had a wonderful journey of pregnancy and delivery because of Dr. Lakshmi. Thank you so much. The nurses are amazing, very helpful. After the delivery they took such good care that never felt like coming back home. The staff members are very polite, and hospitality is too good. The canteen service and cafe are awesome. The infrastructure, rooms are like hotel- it doesn’t give a feel of a traditional hospital. Thank you

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