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Mon, 26 Orthopaedics

At the age of 27, Sarath Kumar R from Thirukovilur was looking forward to marriage and a happy future. His plans were blighted by severe back pain and leg pain. He tried alternative medicine but, nothing helped and, it came to the point where he could hardly walk to the bathroom. It was just one week before the marriage that he met Dr. AB Govindaraj, Director of Orthopaedics at MGM Healthcare. He was diagnosed with a disc prolapse at L4- L5 with pain radiating to the left leg.
Dr. Govindaraj suggested surgery but Mr. Sarath Kumar was apprehensive about it especially as his wedding was just one week away. Dr. Govindaraj assured him that he would be able to walk the next day and would be able to go home in 48 hours well enough to get married in a week.
With his consent, a microdiscectomy was performed the next day. As predicted, he could walk to the bathroom on his own the same evening and was discharged after 48 hours. He also got married on the previously set date and lives a happily married life today.
Watch this video to learn more about Mr. Sarath’s experience.

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