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Mr Ananth Narayan
Fri, 10

Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery:

Mr Ananth Narayan was admitted to MGM Healthcare three weeks ago for a Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery. He had come to MGM to consult with Dr Deepak Subramanian, Senior Consultant and Clinical Lead, Department of Minimal Access (GI) and Bariatric Surgery, knowing that he is one of the best hernia surgeons in Chennai. Mr Ananth shares that he has high regard for the doctor and that is the reason why he came to MGM.

He shares that he is very satisfied with the services and feels that after three weeks now, he is completely normal. His belief and confidence on Dr. Deepak Subramanian is what made him say that he is one of the best macroscopic surgeons in Chennai. Mr Ananth Narayan says that his experience at MGM Healthcare was well worth his time and money, and thanks the doctor.




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