79-Year-Old Sri Lankan Ex-MP's Successful Thyroid Tumor Surgery

Former Parliamentarian, 79-year-old Mr Kalasalingam Vigneshwaran from Sri Lanka, successfully undergoes surgery for thyroid tumour

Thu, 23 ENT, Head & Neck Surgery

Thyroid Tumor

Former Parliamentarian, 79-year-old Mr Kalasalingam Vigneshwaran from Sri Lanka had been suffering from a swelling on the left side of his neck for three months with an oozing discharge, along with pain and breathing difficulty. Unable to bear the pain and discomfort, he decided to seek medical help. After discussing with the family and consulting with the doctor at the Indian High Commission, he was put in touch with Dr Sanjeev Mohanty, Senior Consultant & HOD, Institute of ENT, Head & Neck Surgery at MGM Healthcare. After just a few phone calls, Mr. Vigneshwaran was sure that coming to MGM Healthcare for surgery was the right decision.

Dr Sanjeev Mohanty initially diagnosed the patient after a series of phone calls and tests. The thyroid tumour was precariously placed in a retrosternal position abducting the left lung surrounded by vital structures in the mediastinum. He recommended surgery as a treatment for the patient’s condition. After his arrival at the hospital, Dr Mohanty performed a total thyroidectomy with neck dissection, which is the removal of lymph nodes in the area. Surprisingly, there was another concern that they noticed, a branchial cleft fistula that had to be removed as well without affecting mobility and keeping the functionality of all the nerves and muscles in that area.

After the surgery, Mr. Vigneshwaran was able to breathe and speak well without any difficulty. Just after a few days of surgery, he is now ready to fly back to his home country. Patients from all across the globe choose MGM Healthcare for its medical expertise, infrastructure and all the technological needs that are readily available. More than 100 international patients choose MGM Healthcare every month for their medical treatment. We aspire to keep doing more, better.

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