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Bilateral Lung Transplantation saved life of a 67 year old businessman from Chennai who contracted Covid-19

Thu, 19 Cardiac Sciences

Serious COVID condition

Mr Rajkumar, a 67-year-old businessman from Chennai, contracted COVID-19 symptoms in April. The infection became severe and within no time, he had almost 80% infection in his lungs. With heavy scarring of the lungs, he was brought to MGM Healthcare to consult with the experts there, on 23rd April.

After a quick examination, Mr Rajkumar was admitted to the COVID ICU ward for about 20 days and was put on ventilation with an aim to give his lungs time to heal. Realising that ventilation was not enough, his team of doctors, led by Dr KR Balakrishnan (Director, Institute of Heart & Lung Transplant & Mechanical Circulatory Support) and Dr Suresh Rao KG (Co-Director) suggested ECMO for his condition.

After a month on ECMO, the doctors informed the family that there was not enough progress seen and hence, they were recommending a bilateral lung transplant. While Mr Rajkumar’s family was uncertain and had various concerns, our doctors explained the entire process to them till they were confident to go ahead with the transplant. Once they received lungs from a deceased donor, the operation was performed and it was successful.

Today, it’s been a month since the transplant and Mr Rajkumar is being discharged after spending his recovery in the Transplant ICU and in Pulmonary Rehabilitation. The family is happy to be returning home with Mr Rajkumar.

At MGM Healthcare, we always strive to give the best treatment options to our patients and give them a fighting chance at life. Amid the pandemic, our doctors and medical staff have been working hard to provide patients with the best care and outcomes.

Watch this video to understand what is ECMO

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