Mr Raj Manikandan and Mr Dinesh Kumar Hand Injury

Mr Raj Manikandan and Mr Dinesh Kumar

Wed, 20 Orthopaedics

Hand Injury

Our hands do a lot for us. In fact, our capacity to work would be considerably hampered if we didn’t have fingers or hands. Human hands are truly one-of-a-kind. Unfortunately, In India, there are currently 0.11 million amputees who have lost a limb below the elbow, with over 16,500 people adding to this list every year.

Mr Raj Manikandan and Mr Dinesh Kumar would have been among this stats had they not met Dr Ram Chidambaram.
When two different types of accidents almost cost them their hands, they needed an expert to come to their rescue. The thought of amputation was terrifying. Watch the video to know more about both the cases and the treatment followed.

The Department of Shoulder, Elbow, Hand and Sports Injury is led by Dr Ram Chidambaram who is known for his world-class expertise. Dr Ram and his team continuously strive to update themselves on the latest treatment approaches to ensure that patients get better outcomes and faster recovery time.

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