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Mrs Aamna Aalam

Fri, 20 Renal Sciences

Systemic hypertension and hypothyroidism

Mrs Aamna Alam, a 56-year-old stay-at-home mother from Kolkata, has been suffering from chronic kidney disease for the past two years with systemic hypertension and hypothyroidism. Mrs Aamna has been struggling to get the right treatment for her condition and has faced a lot of problems in getting in touch with a reliable doctor.

With no visible development, Mrs Aamna’s condition continued to progress. That’s when her family heard about Dr Georgi Abraham (Professor and Senior Consultant, Department of Nephrology & Kidney Transplant) and Dr Nagarajan P (Senior Consultant) from a family friend. Mrs Aamna was immediately transferred to MGM Healthcare. They arrived on 24th June.

In this video, Mrs Aamna’s daughter, Farin Tariq, expresses her complete satisfaction with MGM with respect to hospitality and patient care. The entire family is delighted to be under the care of experienced and dedicated doctors. A peritoneal dialysis catheter insertion was suggested by the team of doctors.

At MGM Healthcare, our patients always come first and we offer the best treatment options available. We aspire to keep doing more, better.

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