Mrs Esther - Ovarian Cancer treatment in MGM Healthcare

Mrs Esther – Ovarian Cancer

Mon, 18 Oncology

Mrs Esther, 70-year-old, is excited to go home to her grandchildren and live life peacefully after having the ovarian mass removed. Dr Sivakumar, Senior Consultant, Department of Surgical Oncology shares with us that with the help of the excellent surgical team, nursing staff and anesthesiologists, he was confident and able to perform such a complex procedure on Mrs Esther, giving her a new lease at life. Just after five days, Mrs Esther is now all set to return home happily.

At MGM Healthcare, with a dedicated team of Surgical Oncologists, we are able to help our patients. MGM wishes Mrs Esther a healthy and rewarding life with her family. We aspire to keep doing more, better.

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