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Mrs Maheshwari and Baby

Thu, 23 Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Preterm Birth

Mrs Maheshwari experienced labour pain during her seventh month of pregnancy which quickly escalated and resulted in her water breaking. She went into premature labour. The baby was only 32 weeks, with very low birth weight and needed intensive care in order to survive.

Babies born before 24 weeks have less than 50% chance of survival. The parents were worried about their newborn baby. The baby was admitted in the Neonatal ICU at MGM Healthcare, which is a Level III facility capable of handling all medical subspecialties for holistic newborn care. After four weeks of breathing support, intravenous nutrition, antibiotics and one week in the incubator, under the complete care and expertise of Dr Binu Ninan (Senior Consultant & HOD, MGM Children’s) there came a ray of hope.

The baby transitioned from IV to a feeding tube to a bottle to finally breastfeeding. Beyond caring for the baby, the medical team at MGM Children’s taught Mrs Maheshwari to hold, breastfeed and care for her premature child. Maheshwari’s baby is now thriving well and growing stronger each day.

MGM Children’s NICU is equipped with advanced technology and specially trained nurses and doctors to give round-the-clock care to the tiniest patients. We are happy to be part of the beginning of every parent’s momentous journey.

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