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Hip Fracture

Everyone waits for their birthday. Sweet 16, officially entering adulthood at 21, turning 50 — there are many hallmark birthdays in our lifetime. Turning 90, especially in this day and age, is also a hallmark birthday! In that spirit, Mrs Mary Leela Pushpam and her family were gearing up to celebrate her 90th birthday. But just a few days before the big day, Mrs Mary had a slip and fall, fracturing her hip.

Mrs Mary’s granddaughter reached out to Dr. Shriram Krishnamoorthy Consultant, Department of Orthopaedics at MGM Healthcare. The doctor organised for an X-ray to be taken which showed a hip fracture, following which the patient was brought to the hospital via the ambulance. She was then diagnosed with an intertrochanter fracture requiring a proximal femoral nailing to fix the injury. She was cleared for surgery by the anaesthesiologist and it was performed the very next day. The day after surgery, Mrs Mary was made to sit and two days post-surgery she was able to stand. She is well on her way to recovery and was discharged on day 3.

Our MGM Family was not willing to let Mrs Mary and her family feel low about the injury. We decided to give Mrs Mary a birthday surprise she would never forget. We celebrated her birthday at the hospital with a cake and decorated her room to lift up her spirits. Mrs Mary’s daughter-in-law expresses her gratitude to the doctors for explaining everything well and to the hospital for the comfortable stay.

At MGM Healthcare, patient experience is at the core of what we do.

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