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Ms Dillipriya’s Baby

Sat, 7 Paediatrics & Neonatology

Complex Heart Disease, infection in blood stream and Epileptic Seizures

Taking care of a newborn baby with a complex heart condition requires a hospital that has the latest infrastructure and technology and a team of expert doctors, nurses, paramedical staff and technicians. Ms Dillipriya’s baby was born with not only a complex heart disease requiring surgery but also with an infection present in the bloodstream and was suffering epileptic seizures. Before going into surgery to fix the heart defect, the infection was cleared and the seizures were treated.

Listen to Dr Binu Ninan, Senior Consultant and HOD, Paediatrics and Neonatology, Dr Ganapathy Subramanian, Senior Consultant, Pediatric Cardiology and Dr Aravind, Consultant, Pediatric Emergency, talk about Ms Dillipriya’s baby and the surgery and treatment plan.

Armed with excellent expertise, technology and infrastructure, MGM Healthcare can help even those with complex conditions find a solution to their issues. We always aspire to do more, better.

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