Nay Myo Hlaing from Myanmar MGM Healthcare Chennai

Nay Myo Hlaing from Myanmar

Tue, 17 Liver Transplant

Nay Myo Hlaing from Myanmar was diagnosed with decomposed liver disease, with huge amount of Ascites and couldn’t even walk, when he came to MGM Healthcare, Chennai. He was also diagnosed with jaundice & was in a terminal stage. Looking into his condition, Dr Thiagarajan Srinivasan, Senior Consultant & Director, Institute of Liver Diseases, Transplant & HPB Surgery and Dr Karthik Mathivanan, Senior Consultant & Associate Director, Institute of Liver Diseases, Transplant & HPB Surgery, MGM Healthcare Chennai decided to go for a transplant.

After a month of all detail tests and analysis, he underwent a successful liver transplant surgery and within ten days, his body was showing a great improvement. Mr Hlaing has flown back to his hometown without any signs of his previous condition. He was thankful to the entire team of Dr Thiagarajan Srinivasan, Dr Karthik Mathivanan, the nurses and the other staff members at MGM for the support and encouragement throughout his stay in the hospital.

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