Oksana Slavunyk Health Journey - Patient Experience

Oksana Slavunyk

Tue, 17 Pulmology

After undergoing treatment at MGM, she received qualified help from a doctor S Soumitra Sinha Roy. Thanks to the international department for providing us with translator Anna and her work for us. The nurses on the 9th floor were attentive and helped with the treatment. At the MGM hospital, the ward is clean and comfortable. Thanks to the chef for the varied and delicious dishes. Wish add a photo of the menu for a convenient choice of dishes It will be convenient for foreign patients. Thanks to the whole team of the MGM hospital, health to you and your families!

Healthcaring Stories

All voices matter. Every interaction matters. Every patient matters. Patient experience matters. Every patient has a story. Every story touches countless lives as well. Hence a positive and impactful patient experience matters to us the most and is at the core of everything we do.


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