Osteochondal fracture – Dr Ram Chidambaram MGM Healthcare

Osteochondal fracture – Dr Ram Chidambaram

Sun, 14 Orthopaedics

Meet 28 year old football player Prateek, from Banglore, who had an unfortunate mishap with his leg. Prateek shares that he had twisted his ankle 7 weeks ago. He was not aware of the seriousness of the injury as he was instructed to wear an ankle support and walk freely. But, after 7 weeks, Prateek realised that his leg had become too stiff and he was unable to keep his leg straight.

When he met Dr Ram Chidambaram, Director of Shoulder, Elbow, Hands and Sports Medicine at MGM Healthcare, the doctor explained that it was a serious injury called the osteochondal fracture of the talus and needs immediate attention. Dr. Ram Chidambaram further explained that a 6mm bone, that carries about 50% of the body weight, has shifted it’s position and is very crucial to undergo a keyhole surgery.

Prateek expresses his gratitude to the doctor and his team for performing the minimally invasive surgery without any complications. He also thanks this physiotherapy instructors and all the staff at MGM who had helped him during his stay. It’s been 5 weeks since the surgery, and Prateek shares that his recovery has been smooth and he’s getting better everyday. MGM wishes Prateek all the best and hope to see him play football again soon. We aspire to keep doing more, better.

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