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Removal of Gallbladder Stones by Dr. Ravi at MGM Healthcare

Tue, 18 Liver Transplant

Mr. K Sethu arrived at MGM Healthcare with the complaint of stones in his gallbladder. He was very worried and stressed about the surgery he would have to undergo for the removal of the gallbladder stones. But as soon as he met Dr. Ravi R (Senior Consultant and Academic Director, Institute of Liver Diseases, Transplant and HPB Surgery), all of his worries melted away just with the confidence the doctor showed.

Mr. Sethu said that he had never met a doctor who was as competent and humble as Dr. Ravi. As assured by Dr. Ravi, Mr. Sethu confidently underwent the surgery and is in the pink of health now. He thanks Dr. Ravi, his team and the medical staff wholeheartedly for taking good care of him. Watch the whole video to know more about Mr. Sethu’s experience.

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