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Thu, 6 Orthopaedics

Seven years ago, Mr. Shashank had sustained an injury on his right wrist while playing cricket. Sounds rather normal, doesn’t it? But since then, he had been experiencing pain that never resolved even after treatment. It was when his pain became severe about a year or so ago that he approached Dr. Ram Chidambaram at MGM Healthcare for a more permanent solution.
On careful examination and with X-rays and a scan, the doctor diagnosed him with scaphotrapezial arthritis, which is arthritis of the scaphotrapeziotrapezoid (STT) joint in the wrist. To treat him, Dr. Ram Chidambaram and his team performed a nanoscopy of the wrist, which is the latest technology in arthroscopy. Mr. Shashank is now pain-free after seven long years and is well on his way to full recovery.
Watch the complete video to learn about Mr. Shashank’s experience and also listen to Dr. Ram Chidambaram explain the case and how it was treated in detail.

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