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The Inspiring Journey of Mr. Gurumoorthy

Sat, 15 Spine

The story of Mr. Gurumoorthy of Karaikal is one of accurate diagnosis and expert resolution.

After several futile attempts over 7 – 8 months to find a cure for his loss of control over mobility, Mr. Gurumoorthy visited Dr. Karunakaran, Director and Senior Consultant, Department of Spine Surgery at MGM Healthcare.

The diagnosis revealed L4 L5 lumbar canal stenosis with bilateral sciatica, predominantly affecting the left side. Dr. Karunakaran performed a surgical procedure involving left interlaminar endoscopic decompression and right over the top decompression at L4 L5 under general anesthesia.

This procedure successfully relieved Mr. Gurumoorthy’s pain and restored his mobility, putting an end to months of agony.


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