Transforming Special Moments into a Lifetime Experience

Transforming Special Moments into a Lifetime Experience

Thu, 27 Obstetrics & Gynaecology

How does one’s special moment become an experience of a lifetime? How does one’s happiness become manifold?

Mrs.Vaishali Naveen Raj discovered this at Varam, when she arrived to deliver her second child. Mother to a toddler, Vaishali and her husband Naveen Raj were pleasantly surprised by the facilities Varam at MGM Healthcare had to offer, on their visit.

Having had a pleasant first delivery, Vaishali was initially hesitant to look for another center. Yet, the couple visited MGM Healthcare, and to their joy, found that it never felt like a hospital.

Delighted, Vaishali chose the place to bring her second baby into the world.

Unstinted care, professional outlook and the infrastructure, proved the couple right, every moment of every day. Under the kind and watchful eye of doctors at Varam, MGM Healthcare, Chennai.

Vaishali gave birth to a healthy baby.

She is happy to recommend Varam now to all!

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