Uma Nagarajan's Health Success Story - Patient Experience

Uma Nagarajan

Sun, 17 Orthopaedics

Doctor Bharat, Orthopaedic surgeon is very smart and very fast, up to date in his knowledge. He assured me confidence saying for another 20 years I don’t need to worry with smart knee replacement technique. He mentioned that the treatment given in India is much better than US. Also, he made me walk on the day of the surgery, on the second day I was able to go to the restroom with the help of the walker and nursing assistance. The nursing staff is very professional, and the housekeeping staff also keep asking our requirements frequently. Dietician is very good, took Individual interest and asked me several questions. Physiotherapist was very helpful and made me walk by his encouraging words. The food service is excellent. The food they provide is also very homely. There are many varieties in the food menu also. My son who is a US trained doctor is impressed with the room facilities provided here compared with the facilities provided in US hospitals. Overall, I’m completely satisfied with the treatment and the hospitality staffs.

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