Varun Alister's Patient Journey - MGM Healthcare Experience

Varun Alister

Thu, 17 ENT, Head & Neck Surgery

We visited MGM HealthCare for my daughter’s Tonsillitis and adenoids surgery. Dr. Sanjeev Mohanty with great experience immediately diagnosed my daughter. There was no unnecessary tests or procedures requested. Dr. Sanjeev Mohanty is a very humble and child friendly doctor. He gave us complete confidence and trust for surgery. Accordingly, my daughter was treated well and recovering healthily. We thank him sincerely from the bottom of our heart for his care and concern. I would also like to thank Dr. Mohanty’s staff team Ms. Aarthy. She was super responsive throughout the process, right from admission till discharge. Very approachable and helpful attitude. The staff nurses also treated my daughter with utmost care. I have visited several established hospitals in Chennai such as MIOT and Apollo in the past. However, the care that was given here has exceeded my past experiences.

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