Wheelchair to Walking – Cervical Myelopathy treatment

Wheelchair to Walking – Cervical Myelopathy

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Cervical myelopathy is a term used to describe the compression of your cervical spinal cord, the long band of tissue that carries signals from your brain to the rest of your body. Depending on the cause, the compression can cause sudden or gradually worsening pain, sensory problems, loss of balance, or paralysis.

Watch the journey of a patient, suffering from cervical myelopathy, who had come to MGM Healthcare on a wheelchair in the hope of right treatment. Under the supervision of Dr Vijayaraghavan G, Senior Consultant, Institute of Neuro Sciences & Spinal Disorders, at MGM Healthcare, he underwent a complex surgery and within days, the recovery was visible. He’s now able to walk to on his own.

He and his family are thankful to the entire team of Dr Vijayaraghavan and staff at MGM Healthcare for their support and encouragement throughout their stay.

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