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Pneumatic Tube System Mon , Jul 10

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  • Have you ever wondered how important samples appear quickly during life threatening situations Well, there’s a fascinating technology behind it called a Pneumatic Tube System. In this blog, we’ll dive into the world of pneumatic tube systems and discover how they use the power of air to transport things quickly and securely.

How does a pneumatic tube system work?

  • Imagine a network of tubes snaking through a building like secret passageways. Inside these tubes, small containers called carriers zip around, carrying items from one place to another. Here’s how this happens:

  • Loading: Let’s say you have a document you want to send. You place it in a special container called a carrier and seal it up.

  • Dispatch: You bring the carrier to a station, where it’s prepared for its journey. The station operator chooses the destination, and off it goes!

  • Transport: Air power comes into play here. Compressed air or vacuum pressure pushes or pulls the carrier through the tubes at high speeds. It’s like a mini wind tunnel propelling the carrier forward.

  • Routing: Along the way, the carrier encounters switches that guide it to the right path. Think of these switches as traffic signs, ensuring the carrier takes the correct route to its destination.

  • Arrival and Unloading: Finally, the carrier arrives at its destination station. It’s automatically guided into a receiving chamber, and an operator collects the carrier and opens it to retrieve the item. Mission accomplished!

Where are pneumatic tube systems used?

  • Pneumatic tube systems have found their place in various settings due to their speed and reliability.

Benefits of pneumatic tube systems:

  • – Speed and Efficiency: Items can travel at lightning speed through the tubes, cutting down delivery time significantly and helping things run smoothly.

  • – Safety and Security: Pneumatic tube systems ensure that sensitive items remain secure during transport, reducing the risk of loss or tampering.

  • – Cost-effectiveness: Once installed, pneumatic tube systems prove cost-effective by eliminating the need for additional personnel or manual transportation methods.

  • – Reliability: These systems are built to last and can operate continuously with minimal downtime, ensuring items reach their destination consistently.


  • Pneumatic tube systems may seem like something out of a science fiction movie, but they are a real-life solution for fast and secure sample transportation here at MGM Healthcare. By harnessing the power of air, these networks of tubes revolutionize the way documents, samples, and other items move within floors. We at MGM Healthcare make sure to give the best to our patients!!