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Scoliosis: A case of Hope and Healing Wed , Jun 26

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  • June is recognized as Scoliosis Awareness Month, a time to bring attention to an abnormal curvature of the spine that can significantly hinder day-to-day activities.

    This is the story of a 10-year-old boy named Perarasu, whose severe spinal deformity
    once crippled his confidence.

Perarasu diagnosed with severe Scoliosis

  • Perarasu’s mother first noticed his condition when she realized his spine was soft and not properly aligned. Lacking information about scoliosis, they did not seek the necessary medical treatment immediately. This delay led to severe social challenges for Perarasu. He couldn’t play with other kids or spend time outside due to peer pressure and constant mockery from other children.

  • His mother noted that the severe spinal curve forced him to sleep only on his side; lying on his back was impossible. Even brief ventures outside would end with Perarasu returning home in a matter of minutes. Desperate for help, his mother finally took him to a government hospital. Doctors there determined he needed surgery, but as his spinal curve progressed, they sought the expertise of Dr. Vijayaraghavan, a Senior Consultant in the Department of Spine Surgery at MGM Healthcare.

  • Dr. Vijayaraghavan warned that significant spinal deformity would persist even after skeletal maturity and could lead to respiratory failure if not treated properly.

  • He and his team curated a multidisciplinary approach for Perarasu’s condition. The transformation post-surgery was remarkable.

  • Perarasu could sit and walk straight, a sight that brought tears of joy to both him and his mother.

Perarasu happily playing outside with his friends

  • Their hearts were filled with gratitude for the doctors, staff, and generous donors who made this possible.

  • Perarasu’s mother thanked everyone with folded hands, overwhelmed by the positive change in her son’s life.

  • Dr. Vijayaraghavan was pleased to have not only corrected Perarasu’s spine but also restored his confidence.

  • Perarasu can now wear his clothes without assistance, enjoy daily chores, and play games, embracing the joy of living a normal life. This case’s triumph lies in bringing back his smile and confidence.

  • The Department of Spine Surgery at MGM Healthcare offers comprehensive and innovative solutions for scoliosis, ensuring the best possible care for your child’s spinal health.

  • Call us at 044 4524 2424 for a personalized consultation.