Why do Children Benefit from a Paediatric Emergency Room?
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Why do children benefit from a paediatric emergency room? Mon , Jul 20

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  • Paediatrics (as a separate area of Medicine was even recognised as early as 6th century BC.The earliest accounts were found in the Sushruta Samhita, an ayurvedic text that had a chapter on treatment of children. There was a term for children’s doctors- Kaumara Bhrtya.

  • Thus, from a long time there is a recognition that children are different – That children are not ‘mini – adults’
    The Indian Academy of Paediatrics recognises all those in the age group from the new-born to the 18-year-oldas a part of the Paediatric age group, Children.

How are children different?

  • Children are different from adults in various aspects of their structure of body (anatomy), the way their bodies behave in health and disease and how their bodies manage drugs(physiology).

    This also undergoes changes from birth to the then time they are toddlers, different stages of childhood and adolescence (teenagers). Ateach age, the reasons for an illness varies.

    A fever in a new-born babyis different from a fever in a 10-year-old and abdominal pain in a 1 year old is often for different reasons from abdominal pain in a 5-year-old.

    Children in each age group even have different values of normal for parameters like heart rate and blood pressure and respiratory rate.

What does a paediatric emergency room have that is different from a general emergency room?

  • A Paediatric emergency room has doctors and nurses trained and experienced in Paediatric medicine where they understand these different ages and their different responses to disease. A Paediatric emergency room has instruments to measure values for different age groups and equipment to treat different age groups and sizes.

  • Doctors and nurses in a paediatric emergency roomcan understand signs of sickness in children and when children require treatment early. This is especially important in times when children are not able to express themselves in the younger age group and cry or manifest other symptoms and signs of illness.

  • Doctors and nurses in a paediatric emergency room are equipped and trained to deal with and intervene early in a variety of paediatric emergencies and illness in children.

  • A paediatric emergency room also has super specialists trained in paediatrics.A Paediatric surgeon sees children and their concerns as unique and can tailor make even the smallest intervention of a suture comfortable for a child. Similarly, other paediatric super specialists also understand disease unique to children.

  • All those who work in a paediatric emergency room understand the important role of families in the care of children. Children’s parents are an important source of history collection and helping the doctors understand the child. Parents are also a big support system in a Paediatric emergency rooms contributing to the comfort level of children. Paediatric emergency rooms also understand the anxiety of the larger family when children are ill and seek to support parents and families too.

  • Very importantlydoctors and nurses in Paediatric emergency rooms also realise the need to speak withchildren in a way that they understand and explain what is happening to them and reassuring them.

Emergency Service

  • Understanding these unique benefits of a Paediatric emergency room we, at MGM Healthcare offer 24X 7 Paediatric emergency service sand an emergency contact number.

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