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World Health Day

“Health For All” Fri , Apr 7

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World Health Day is an important day on the global health calendar, celebrated every year on April 7th to mark the founding date of the World Health Organization (WHO). This year is even more special as the WHO is celebrating its 75th anniversary.

The theme for this year’s World Health Day is “Health for All,” which emphasizes the importance of achieving universal health coverage, where everyone has access to quality healthcare services without experiencing financial hardship.

We all have a role to play in achieving “Health for All.” Governments need to invest in health systems that are accessible, affordable, and of good quality. The private sector also has a responsibility to ensure that their products and services promote good health and well-being. Every  individual has a  responsibility to take care of our health routinely. By adopting healthy habits and seeking timely medical attention, we can prevent illnesses and improve our overall well-being. Here are some innovative ways to prioritize your health on this World Health Day:

Take a digital detox

  • Spend some time away from your phone, computer, and other devices. Disconnecting from technology can help reduce stress and improve mental health.

Get active

  • Find ways to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine, whether it’s taking a walk during your lunch break or joining a fitness class.

Prioritize mental health

  • Practice self-care and engage in activities that promote relaxation and stress relief, such as meditation, yoga, or art therapy.


  • Giving back to your community can have a positive impact on your mental health and well-being

Seek timely medical attention

  • Regular health checkups can help identify any potential health issues early on, making it easier to treat and manage them.

  • On this occasion, MGM Healthcare is introducing a new cardiac package to provide safe and secure heart care to individuals. The package includes a master heart check that primarily estimates the coronary calcification score, which indicates heart health. The lower the score, the lesser the possibilities of having a heart attack. The package includes


Package Details

  • ECG

  • 2D ECHO

  • TMT

  • CT Angiography

  • Cardiac Consultations

  • Basic CBF, RFT, HBa1C, Lipid profile, and TSH tests.

  • At MGM Healthcare, we believe that prevention is better than cure, and regular health checkups are crucial to maintaining good health. Our MGM Cardiac Pro is designed to identify any potential heart-related issues early on and prevent them from escalating into serious health problems.

  • We understand that heart health is a serious concern for many individuals, and henceforth we have designed this package to be affordable and accessible to all. For just Rs. 9999, you can get a comprehensive heart checkup that includes all the necessary tests and consultations.

  • On this World Health Day, we encourage everyone to prioritize their health and take proactive steps towards preventing illnesses. We believe that with access to affordable and quality healthcare, everyone can achieve optimal health and well-being. So, take the first step towards a healthier future by booking your MGM Cardiac Pro today.


    Written by
    Dr.A. Thomas George
    Senior Consultant
    Internal Medicine and Diabetologist