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World Hearing Day Mon , Mar 4

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  • In India, hearing loss affects a substantial 6.3% of the population, making it a prevalent issue.

  • Ear and hearing problems are among the most common problems encountered in the community. This day emphasizes overcoming the challenges posed by societal misperceptions and stigmatising mindsets through awareness-raising and information-sharing, targeted at the public and healthcare providers.

  • On this World Hearing Day theme for 2024 is “Changing mindsets: let’s make ear and hearing care a reality for all.

The Scope of Hearing Loss

  • Hearing loss is a global concern and almost 1 in 5 people suffer from some kind of auditory impairment. While age-related hearing loss is typical, other factors that contribute to hearing loss may are loud noise, childhood ear infections, genetic predisposition and other medication.

Etiology of hearing loss

  • Aging – The most common type of hearing loss is known as age-related hearing loss, or presbycusis. This type of hearing loss is permanent and usually happens over time. It occurs from changes in the inner ear as the person ages.

Congenital Hearing Loss

  • Hereditary hearing losses are congenital and gradually develop over time. It can be conductive, sensorineural, mixed or occurs as a genetic trait passed down from a parent.

  • Noise-induced hearing loss – It is due to prolonged exposure to loud noise, and it is usually temporary. The loud noises damage the inner ear cells leading to auditory impairment.

  • Sudden Hearing Loss – Also known as sudden deafness, it typically occurs in the inner ear, accompanied by an unexplained rapid loss of hearing. It primarily affects a single ear. Timely treatment intervention can restore hearing capacity with steroids being the preferred treatment of choice

  • Illness-related hearing loss – There are numerous illnesses, conditions and autoimmune conditions that contribute to illness-related hearing loss.

  • Meniere’s Disease – Etiology is unknown and the symptom may include fluctuating hearing loss, vertigo and tinnitus.

  • Viral and Bacterial Infections – A lot of bacterial and viral infections are linked to permanent hearing loss. Hearing loss from common cold leads to transient hearing loss, while from shingles it leads to permanent hearing loss.

  • Otosclerosis – These diseases affect the tiny bones in the middle ear causing conductive hearing loss.

Head Trauma and Tumors

  • Acoustic neuroma is a common type of tumor that leads to hearing loss. It causes tinnitus (ringing sensation in the ear), sensation of fullness in both the ears.

  • Head Trauma leads to damage in inner ear structures causing temporary or permanent hearing loss.


  • Surgery – Some of the hearing loss can be corrected with surgery, and for repeated infections that causes fluid in the ear, small tubes can be inserted for drainage

  • Hearing Aids – If the hearing loss is due to damage to inner ear, a hearing aid can be helpful.

Cochlear Implants

  • It is a surgically implanted device used to assist individuals with significant hearing loss for those who are born deaf.

  • It is designed to stimulate the auditory nerve in the brain using electric signals

  • MGM Healthcare, Institute of Ear, Nose, Throat, Head and Neck Surgery led by Prof Dr.Sanjeev Mohanty act as a specialised Centre for cochlear implants, diagnosing and treating congenital hearing loss with cochlear implants.

Hearing Rehabilitation Centre

  • Institute of Ear, Nose, Throat, Head and Neck Surgery at MGM Healthcare offers a comprehensive approach to hearing loss and ear-related disorders with utmost care and precision. We aim to deliver individualised care with the latest technology and rehabilitation facility, ensuring that you regain your hearing senses.

  • We provide a specialised audiology services, including Neonatal Hearing Screening Protocol, Pure Tone and Impedance Audiometry, Speech Audiometry, Otacoustic Emission (OAE), Brain stem Evoked Response Audiometry (BERA), Videonystagmography (VNG), Behavioural Observational Audiometry (BOA) and Visual reinforced Audiometry (VRA).

  • Call us on 044 4524 2407 for a personalised consultation.

  • Your wellness is our utmost priority and we are here to make sure you hear well!


    Reviewed by
    Prof.Dr.Sanjeev Mohanty
    Senior Consultant & HOD
    ENT, Head & Neck Surgery


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