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Non-invasive measuring and display of fetal heart rate, maternal heart rate and uterine activity — putting patient comfort first while optimising caregiver workflow

Wireless system enables mobilisation, allowing patients to move as they wish which may help improve the effectiveness of contractions

Integrated monitoring device as the system includes maternal heart rate, foetal heart rate and uterine activity

Also detects the Fetal ECG and Maternal ECG through ultrasound doppler


Wireless cardiotocography monitor

Designed to nurture a close connection between babies and their parents, while ensuring that clinicians can closely care for their newborn patients

Offers clinicians the intuitive and reliable neonatal solution they need to promote optimal neurodevelopmental care

When paired with the Giraffe Shuttle, the Carestation provides continuous warmth, promoting the growth and stability of the most fragile patients

With integrated features, including the removable in-bed scale, it empowers clinicians to send babies home healthy and as quickly as possible


NICU Incubator and Warmer

Encompasses the most advanced imaging capabilities combined with e ciency to provide confident patient answers, faster

The curved matrix electronic 4D probe achieves brilliant resolution and volume rates up to 16 times higher than those with mechanical probe technology

Radiantflow helps achieve a new standard of colour Doppler — delivering easy, fast visualisation of even the tiniest of vessels

fetalHQ helps conduct an easy, fast and comprehensive evaluation of the size, shape and contractility of the foetal heart from the 4-chamber view


Ultrasound 3D & 4D scanner

Lightweight, easily transportable incubator that requires only two care providers to handle it

Operates on its own battery for up to 3 hours and has specially designed access ports to protect the infant from the stress of acoustic vibrations

Adaptable to all ambulances and can be used in conjunction with ventilators and other equipment with enough space for two oxygen cylinders

Straps to hold the newborn safely during transport and a gooseneck lamp to facilitate illumination as required


Neonatal Transport Incubator

Proven to detect 20-65% more invasive breast cancers compared to 2D screening alone

Allows for the generation of both 2D images and 3D slices, and this improves the quality of imaging, making the diagnosis more accurate

The Low Dose Genius™ 3D Mammography™ exam is performed in a rapid 3.7-second scan time for greater patient comfort and low patient dose, due to the elimination of 2D X-ray exposures


3D Mammography System

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