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Pain Management

We work closely with a multidisciplinary team of doctors to assess and treat your pain holistically.

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Pain Management at MGM Healthcare

Fluoroscopy can look at your spine and other joints to pinpoint the area causing you pain and inject the medicine at the exact site

Fluoroscopy Suites

Our robotic suites are equipped with a top-of-the-line, independent robotic-guidance system which enables the treatment of pain more accurately

Robotics Suites

This equipment is used to perform rhizotomy, a procedure that can sever the nerve endings to give prolonged relief of chronic pain. Back and neck pain are best treated this way.

Radiofrequency (RF)

At the clinic, we can precisely detect the nerves causing sciatica pain in the legs or radicular pain from the neck to the arms.

EMG and Nerve Conduction Tests

This procedure blocks the pain impulses that go through the spinal cord to the brain.

Spinal Cord Stimulation

To treat a vertebral fracture caused by osteoporosis, we inject cement to relieve the pain and restore height by vertebroplasty.

Spinal Fracture Treatments

Other treatments

For chronic pain include physiotherapy, music therapy, counselling and medication. Adding another feather to our cap, hydrotherapy is the highlight of our pain management programme.

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    We have some of the best pain management doctors in Chennai on board which includes a team of highly experienced physicians, anaesthesiologists specialising in pain management, specialist pain nurses, psychologists, rehabilitation specialists and social workers. We provide a multi-disciplinary approach to the diagnosis and treatment of pain. If you or someone in your family or friend’s circle is suffering from acute or chronic pain, the Department of Pain Management at MGM Healthcare is here to care for you.

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