World Brain Tumour Day 2024: Awareness and Advanced Care at MGM Healthcare - World Brain Tumour Day 2024: Awareness and Advanced Care at MGM Healthcare

World Brain Tumour Day Fri , Jun 7

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  • World Brain Tumour Day falls on June 8th, 2024, an important day to shed a spotlight to educate the public, advocate for improved patient care, and celebrate the strength and resilience of those living with this challenging condition.

  • On this day, we come together to honor the journeys of individuals and their families, acknowledging the daily challenges they face with courage and determination.

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that brain tumors constitute about 2% of all adult tumours and 1.9% of childhood tumours.

  • These tumours can be primary, originating in the brain, or secondary, spreading from other parts of the body.

  • Brain tumours are abnormal cell growths in the brain, classified as benign or malignant based on their location and behavior.

Types of Brain Tumours:

  • Gliomas: The most prevalent type of brain tumor, gliomas arise from glial cells, which support brain function.

  • Meningiomas: Typically benign, these tumours originate from the meninges, the protective layers surrounding the brain and spinal cord.

  • Pituitary Tumours: Arising in the pituitary gland at the brain’s base, these tumors can impact hormone production and various body functions.

  • Medulloblastomas: Predominantly found in children, these tumours develop in the cerebellum, affecting coordination and balance.

  • Schwannomas: Also called acoustic neuromas, these tumors develop from Schwann cells around nerves, often affecting hearing and balance.


  • Brain tumour symptoms vary depending on their location and may include:

    • Morning headaches or headaches that disrupt sleep
    • Seizures
    • Cognitive and speech difficulties
    • Personality changes
    • Weakness or paralysis on one side of the body
    • Balance issues or dizziness
    • Vision and hearing changes
    • Facial numbness or tingling
    • Nausea, vomiting, and swallowing difficulties
    • Confusion and disorientation


  • The diagnosis includes a very detailed neurological examination followed by

    • CT of the head
    • MRI of the head

Treatment Options:

  • Brain tumor treatment depends on factors such as tumor type, location, size, and patient health, and may involve:

    • Surgery: It is a surgical method to remove accessible tumours while preserving brain function.
    • Radiation Therapy: Uses high-energy radiation to destroy cancer cells, either alone or with surgery and chemotherapy.
    • Chemotherapy: Drugs administered orally or intravenously to kill or inhibit cancer cells, often combined with other treatments.
    • Targeted Therapy: Drugs that specifically target cancer growth pathways, used for specific tumors like glioblastomas.
    • Immunotherapy: Emerging treatments that harness the immune system to fight cancer, showcasing promising results for brain tumours.

  • On World Brain Tumour Day 2024, let’s unite to raise awareness, support patients and their families, and promote education on screening, diagnosis, and advanced treatment options.

  • The Department of Neurosurgery at MGM Healthcare, led by renowned Neurosurgeon, Dr.V.R.Roopesh Kumar – Senior Consultant and Director

  • With over 20 years of experience, Dr.Roopesh Kumar brings his expertise in managing complex Brain and Spine tumours including Minimally Invasive Cranial Surgeries and Cerebrovascular Surgeries.

  • At the Institute of Neurosurgery at MGM Healthcare, our team consists of skilled Neurosurgeons, Neuroradiologists and Neuroanaesthesiologists who provide state-of-the-art Neurosurgical care in wide Sub-specialities ranging from

    • Brain and Spine Tumours
    • Minimal Access Key-Hole Surgeries
    • Skull Base Surgery
    • Head and Spine Injuries
    • Complex Brain Bypass Surgeries
    • Epilepsy Surgery
    • Deep Brain Stimulation for Tremors and Parkinson Disease
    • Neuromodulation
  • We have a vision to Do More Better, and to provide exceptional care for all our patients.

  • Call us at 044 4524 2424 for a personalised consultation.

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    Dr L.S.Harishchandra
    Department of Neurosurgery