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Laser Angioplasty is now available for patients suffering from multiple heart blockages that could not be treated by conventional angioplasty. Laser Angioplasty is an advanced and sophisticated technology to open up blocked heart vessels. It is a lifesaving procedure for patients who had heart attack.

Laser Angioplasty is an advanced and sophisticated technology to open up blocked heart vessels. It is a lifesaving procedure for patients who had heart attack.

It is the only technology currently available to dissolve clots within heart blood vessels. Many blood vessels treatments that had been declared untreatable with the angioplasty can now be treatable with Laser Angioplasty.

Only in the year 2021, India’s Leading Interventional Cardiologist Dr A B Gopalamurugan along with his pioneer team launched the country’s first laser coronary angioplasty in India and now this team positioned themselves at cutting edge infrastructure at MGM Healthcare, Chennai, India

Laser Angioplasty aims to reduce the chance of open heart surgery and boosts the quality of life for patients by improve clinical outcomes and reducing the time of stay at the hospital

  • Precision with utmost care
  • State of the art technology
  • Improved quality of life
  • Avoids the need for bypass surgery (open heart surgery)

Excimer Laser System

  • A safe and effective technique as an adjunct to conventional PCI
  • Excimer laser coronary angioplasty may help to solve some of the problems associated with treating chronic total occlusions.
  • Excimer laser catheter can be used to ablate tissue.


Usually, the fat deposition in the coronary blood vessels are treated by Angioplasty where a balloon will be inserted into the artery and then inflated resulting to expand and loosen the fat deposits.In Laser Angioplasty, using lasers the plagues are vaporized.

  • The Interventional Cardiologist and the vascular surgeon examines and plans course treatment plan and other medical conditions for a better clinical outcome
  • Only the concerned physician makes the decision to undergo laser angioplasty or any other treatment plan.
  • General anesthesia is administered to numb the area. Your interventionist makes a small incision near your groin.
  • Using X Ray images, wire is inserted into the femoral artery and moved to the area where the fatty deposits are restricting the blood flow
  • After reaching the blockage, the wire will act as a guide for a tube that will be inserted and moved to the blockage location.
  • Into the tube, a laser is inserted and moved to the blockage spot, and once the laser is in place, it vaporizes the plaques. Your operator monitors the procedures through contrast dyes
  • Once the procedure is completed, the wire will be removed and the incision in the groin will be closed

You will then be taken to a place to rest and, depending on your overall physical condition and other relevant factors.

Man battling fatal heart disease, turned down by many; saved by one.

On a Monday morning while Dhananjayan was commuting to work, he felt a sharp pain in his chest.

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