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At MGM Healthcare, every year, hundreds of people trust our helping hands for healing their hearts.

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ECMO Treatment for Mr Kumar Ankur

Mr Kumar Ankur, 42, from Gurgaon was living a content and happy life with his family. Things were good until he tested positive for COVID.

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62 year old Redo Bypass surgery

Listen to Dr Kailash A Jain, Senior Consultant and Clinical Lead, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Mgm Healthcare

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56 year old patient

Dr Kailash A Jain, Senior Consultant and Clinical Lead, Cardiothoracic Surgery, talks about an interesting and challenging cardiac surgery performed at MGM Healthcare.

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Man battling fatal heart disease, turned down by many; saved by one.

On a Monday morning while Dhananjayan was commuting to work, he felt a sharp pain in his chest.

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Heart Hole Closure Surgery – Dr Madan Mohan

A rare surgery has been performed at MGM healthcare, Chennai by Dr Madan Mohan, Senior Consultant (Interventional cardiologist), Cardiology, at MGM and his team.

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Cardiac arrest Vs Heart attack – World heart day 2023

A distinction between a cardiac arrest and a heart attack is spoken on, by Dr. Madan Mohan B, Senior Consultant, Interventional

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Cardiac Emergency – Dr Kailash A Jain

A cardiac condition is usually manifested as an emergency. Dr Kailash Jain, Senior Consultant and Clinical Lead of the Department

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World heart day 2023 – Dr. Vivekan Manoharan

Now is the moment to prioritize your heart’s well-being and nurture it as it rightfully deserves. Here, we offer some guidance on how to care for and demonstrate affection towards this vital organ that belongs to you.

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Genetics and Heart Attack – World heart day 2023

The primary factor influencing your risk of a heart attack is genetics.

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Tips for Heart Health – World Heart Day 2023

It’s time to take care of your heart and keep it as healthy as it deserves

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Abdelrahim Bakhit Yousif from Sudan

Abdelrahim Bakhit Yousif from Sudan came to MGM Healthcare, Chennai to seek consultation regarding his arteries problem.

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Heart Scan before workout

As more incidences of heart attacks in gyms and from visibly fit people are coming forward, many have started questioning the way we are working out.

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