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Man battling fatal heart disease, turned down by many; saved by one.

On a Monday morning while Dhananjayan was commuting to work, he felt a sharp pain in his chest.

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Nazar Dianov

A four-year-old boy from Russia, on ventilator for three years, has successfully undergone a complex bilateral lung transplant. He is the youngest to successfully undergo the lung transplant in India and one of the youngest in Asia.

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Sumin Jose

Nursing care here was very good. Dr. Govindaraj was very gentle and the whole team explained each procedure in detail and were ready to answer all our doubts very patiently. Excellent care by the orthopaedic team, the nursing staff and the physiotherapy team.

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Shruthy Krishnan

Got my son admitted for a wheezing problem. The way Dr. Nisha Ma’am, Dr Anita Ma’am and even their junior doctors handled the situation gave me the confidence that my son is in safe hands. Right from explaining the situation, diagnosing the cause and until the discharge we were informed about every single procedure and medicines given to him.

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Ashish Padhee

Admitted to MGM Healthcare Chennai for treatment of Dengue. I was treated by Dr. Swamikannu Sir and his team (Photo attached is taken on my request during his last visit before my discharge). Dr. Swamikannu Sir is very minute and perfect in diagnosis of the disease.

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Amiya Pramanik

All services were very good. We are very satisfied with Doctor’s treatment. Very happy and comfortable with Dr Arulprakash Sir. All nurses are very good especially sister Dharani. From service excellence department – Mr Moon – I would like to say big thanks for his great work.

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Uma Nagarajan

Doctor Bharat, Orthopaedic surgeon is very smart and very fast, up to date in his knowledge. He assured me confidence saying for another 20 years I don’t need to worry with smart knee replacement technique. He mentioned that the treatment given in India is much better than US.

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Pravin Mishra

I came to the hospital for my annual check-up under Dr. Georgi Abraham (Nephrologist) and was asked by him to see Dr. Srichandran (Cardiologist) for an ECG. I underwent an angiogram and angioplasty for arterial blockage. Both the doctors, their team and the hospital staff took very good care of me, and I would recommend […]

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Asim Sen

I am from West Bengal and came MGM for my treatment. I had to undergo chemotherapy along with a surgical drain. I was afraid regarding my current physical condition and my personal life especially my work

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SF Siddiqui

We came here from Aurangabad Maharashtra with multiple lung diseases. Our patient was in very critical condition, we were not even sure whether she would be fine or not. But fortunately, we got treatment in such a wonderful hospital

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Varun Alister

We visited MGM HealthCare for my daughter’s Tonsillitis and adenoids surgery. Dr. Sanjeev Mohanty with great experience immediately diagnosed my daughter. There was no unnecessary tests or procedures requested. Dr. Sanjeev Mohanty is a very humble and child friendly doctor

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Nayak Associates

I was unable to sleep for 2 years. When I was examined by prof. Dr. Sanjeev Mohanty ENT of MGM Health care at Simply Care, Bhubaneswar, it was found from dynamic MRI that I am suffering from sleep apnoea. I used to wake up in every 1 hour’s gap in the night due to my tongue and mouth dryness.

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Vajjiravelu K

This is my first time coming to MGM hospital. I did hernia surgery with laparoscopy. I didn’t feel any pain at all. Very excellent treatment. Thanks to Dr. Deepak Subramanian and his team. Even the staffs are very polite and takes care of me very well.

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Ramesh Babu

Got admitted for Kidney Stone on Monday 13 Feb 2022 under Dr. Swamikannu, we experienced excellent treatment from him and his entire team of doctors, including supporting staff and other staff Nurse

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Aravind S

Dr Ram Chidambaram (Senior Orthopaedic Consultant) and his fine team of surgeons, physiotherapists and coordinators took good care of my mother admitted for significant limitation of function in both her shoulders. The procedure and the post operative recovery went exactly as we were counselled, and this was only possible with the team’s meticulous care under Dr Ram’s able guidance.

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Chirag Mehta

Got my mother’s bilateral TKR done, very happy with Dr. AB Govindarajan, one of the best for TKR in Chennai, amazing infrastructure, very soothing and calming.

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Dr. V. Regina Premkumar

My Daughter Dr. P. Princy Deva Kirubai admitted on 14th December 2021 in critical state like vegetative. 8th month pregnancy and dengue positive, baby heartbeat was fluctuation. C-section done but my daughter went to last stage.

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Amit K Shah

Visited the hospital for planned knee replacement surgery for my mother. My mother was in hospital for 7 days. All the staff are very friendly and provide good service. Timely follow up and attending for food, medicines and pre- and post-surgery treatments was done and we did not have to follow up for anything.

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Mr Kumar Ankur

Mr Kumar Ankur, 42, from Gurgaon was living a content and happy life with his family. Things were good until he tested positive for COVID. He was admitted at a hospital in Delhi and was undergoing treatment, but his condition worsened. The infection took a toll on his lungs that started failing, resulting in lung transplant being the only option to save his life.

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Mrs Gowri

Mrs Gowri was 7 months pregnant, looking forward to seeing her babies in just a couple of months. But her twin babies came to the world sooner than intended. They were born at 25 weeks 4 days. The long, arduous journey began right from the moment they were born. While Twin A cried at birth with an APGAR score of 5/10, Twin B did not and had an APGAR score of 1/10. The pre-term twins were intubated, given a surfactant doses and transferred to MGM Healthcare with bag and tube ventilation and a mechanical ventilator.

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500 grams baby

“Born too soon”. Approximately 1 million children die each year due to complications of preterm birth without the required care. Newborn Care Week is observed to create awareness of newborn care in order to prevent neonatal death and increase survival rate of babies.

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Dr Derek D’Souza: COVID, Pulmonary edema and Chronic Renal failure

Dr Derek D’Souza is a practising doctor and surgeon for almost 45 years. On 13th August 2021 the doctor suffered an acute

attack of pulmonary oedema. He has been diabetic and hypertensive for over 30 years. As a result of this, the doctor also developed chronic renal failure and diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

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Kirti Bohidar

Let me first begin thanking MGM hospital for having such great Doctors, nurses and staff members and last but not the least world class infrastructure. The journey started when I visited Dr. Lakshmi Ashwathaman (Gynaecologist) for my pregnancy. Gem of person she is. Such down to earth

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Mr Vetrivel

Mr Vetrivel, a 61-year-old retired Bank Manager, had been suffering severe knee pain due to his arthritis for the past few months. The pain had worsened and he had been advised to opt for a knee replacement surgery as a permanent solution.

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Mrs Lalitha

Knee pain is a common chronic pain that affects 40% of elderly patients. Despite being diagnosed with osteoarthritis, most of them are apprehensive about surgery due to the fear of it. Surgeries to treat such conditions have advanced in today’s world.

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Oksana Slavunyk

After undergoing treatment at MGM, she received qualified help from a doctor S Soumitra Sinha Roy. Thanks to the international department for providing us with translator Anna and her work for us. The nurses on the 9th floor were attentive and helped with the treatment.

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Mahyeldin Aya Mohamed Abdelrahem

Meet little Mahyeldin Aya Mohamed Abdelrahem. She’s a 9-month-old baby who is here, at MGM Healthcare, Chennai, with her mother, all the way from Sudan. Aya was flown in from Sudan to MGM and was received in the Emergency Room with a saturation of around 50%


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Scaphotrapezial arthritis | Dr. Ram Chidambaram | Healthcaring Stories

Seven years ago, Mr. Shashank had sustained an injury on his right wrist while playing cricket. Sounds rather normal, doesn’t it? But since then, he had been experiencing pain that never resolved even after treatment.

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Microdiscectomy | Dr. AB Govindaraj | Healtcaring Stories

At the age of 27, Sarath Kumar R from Thirukovilur was looking forward to marriage and a happy future. His plans were blighted by severe back pain and leg pain. He tried alternative medicine but, nothing helped and, it came to the point where he could hardly walk to the bathroom.

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Routine stomach surgery | Dr. Ravi | Healthcaring Stories

Positive experiences, especially in times of strife, always leave behind wonderful memories. As part of our #HealthcaringStories, we have a patient recounting her experience.

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Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty | Dr Ram Chidambaram | Healthcaring Stories

Mr. Nema, from Indore, suffered a fall at his home and sustained a massive rotator cuff tear of the left shoulder. When Mr. Nema approached Dr. Ram Chidambaram at MGM Healthcare, he had severe pain and could not use his left arm at all. He also had arthritis affecting his left shoulder

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ENT Treatment Testimonial | Healthcaring Stories

Here is the #HealthcaringStory of Mr Nityananda Shome from West Bengal.
Mr. Nityananda Shome was suffering from pain, swelling and unusual changes inside the mouth for over a long time. Prof. Dr. Sanjeev Mohanty performed a thorough clinical examination and tests on Mr. Nityananda and diagnosed him with mouth cancer. Prof. Dr. Mohanty, Senior Consultant and Head, Institute of ENT, Head & Neck Surgery MGM Healthcare, operated on Mr Nityananda successfully and was able to remove the affected parts of the jaw bone, gums and teeth followed by jaw reconstruction in the same sitting.

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One year old Bilateral Lung Transplant

MGM Healthcare had successfully performed a complex bilateral lung transplant on a one-year-old boy from Chennai who is now one of the world’s youngest and India’s youngest recipient to undergo a bilateral lung transplant.

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Mrs Bhama Rangasamy

Ever since I was young, it has been a dream for me to join the Indian Forest Service. And now 50 years later, as a retired Superindentent of the Indian Forest Department I have never felt any better.

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